For The Past Two Years My Boyfriend Has Literally Lasted 10 Seconds He Says Itamp39s My Fault

My boyfriend commonly lasts 10 minutes or less in bed. What can he do to last longer?

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The doctor could be right, but I'm guessing he bent the truth with the doctor because he wanted something that like response. He may have also misinterpreted the doctor. He can't admit it is his problem and a lot of people are like that with a lot of situations, it pisses me off.... If he wants to get better, it's going to be a hard habit to break since it has been going on for so long. He needs to pretty much take his time and when he is about to come (even if it is after 5 seconds hahaha) he needs to cool off for a couple seconds then keep going. Just a matter of experience. It'll be hard for him though since he has the habit... One last note: I wouldn't entirely believe everything he says, but that's just me. Hope this helps. Worst case senario end it permenantly, that would be the easy way out though but it's your call


yeah, unless you want him to cum quickk for youu. other wise it's normal. some guys think of an ugly girl or teacher for the same effect.

That's a hard one ;-) I found that a lot depends on age, relationship and maturity. If you're in your teens, many guys just don't have the control to do anything else. And telling them you need more time to warm up is frustrating to them, like it's all their fault. (Some guys don't take bedroom advice very well, and some just don't care.) I think that what worked for us is my own mental shift to being as interested or MORE interested in my wife's pleasure than my own. Giving her pleasure IS foreplay for me. Frequently, with a lot of techniques other than actual intercourse, I can bring her to her peak first, and then if I'm quick on the trigger afterwards she's quite content with that. In fact, when we do missionary right after or on the downside of her peak, that's when the multiples happen. Can you get him to see it your way? Depends a lot on him. You've been 'together' a year and a it love? Marriage? Convenience? Friends with benefits? What's his level of commitment to you individually and you two as a couple? What's in the head will untimately rule what's in the pants. Also, and if he doesn't know this he's really missing out, the power that a guy can feel when putting her pleasure before his own is a rush that should not be missed! Best of luck. We've been married 26 years, 'together' for 30+, and the bedroom is still my favorite place to be together. It took some work, but if he makes lovemaking all about YOU then it can be everything the TWO of you want.

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Dont just blow him he may not be sexually attracted to you tell him to try pullin out before he comes to stop it an thats like practice then eventually he will become better tell him to try it with a porno. Alsoo a bj does do the trick but doin it raw is just so hard because it feels so good.

You are suffering on deep depression.You are not stable right now to made any decision for yourself. Wait till you grow up.

There not the only ones you been reading the questions guys do it just as often that's life.

i have no faith in men either. after the last few have led me on with sweet words and kindness, and months of wooing and chasing, they have ended up running away with my heart as soon as i gave it without so much as bothering to care just how devastated they left me. i don't know what men are really after - but it seems honesty, caring, and kindness are not part of their human components. more like booty, bullshit, and only fake happy stuff. anything real and they realise just how pathetic they are, so they would prefer to run away, rather than face how devoid they really are. i am starting to wonder if the only reason men are alive are because they are sperm donors for the human race. i am waiting for stem cells to replace sperm cells - surely the male species will quickly die out once that happens. i fail to see what other reasons they are around for.

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For The Past Two Years My Boyfriend Has Literally Lasted 10 Seconds He Says Itamp39s My Fault

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