Lasting To Long In Bed And The Girlfriend Is Not Liking It Wants To Know Things To Help

Im 23 and i never had a problem... but now i am dating this girl she's 29 and i feel that i cant concentrate... maybe im scared with the fact that she has more experience than myself...i dont want to mess up... PS: this will be our 2nd time by ourselves... I dont want to ruin it... we've done it just once but neither her or myself reach an orgasm... it sucks.. i know i need to relax but she keep putting pressure on me by saying that she doesnt want a 25 min sex.. she wants more than that...

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Regardless of what you hear -- lasting more than a certain length of time is NOT pleasurable for your partner (the person you are having sex with). 2 to 5 hours is FAR too long. I've known one guy (a white friend) who could do that, and he never could keep a g/f because frankly - too long is truly far worse than too short -- and girls don't always realize that until they have too long. 20 to 30 minutes is about the maximum that anyone really "enjoys" sex, regardless of what they say. You however are stuck with how you were made, and I'm not sure what to tell you. Kind thoughts, Hermes

i'm not even going to give you an answer, don't do it you idiot, find a women, cherish her, make sure she is a good match, love her, marry her, if she is right for you of course, THEN have sex if she isn't right for you, try again. don't do it with someone you aren't married to, and that means no marrying someone just for sex. and no cheating either

try this it's 100% naturally so you will be safe from another reason, I tried that before, and many people make it through

why not try foreplay, instead of just jumping right in. Im sure your lady would love some hugging, kissing, cuddling, heavy petting, oral, any thing but intercourse. Then and only then do you venture into the valley of happiness. Then when you feel like you gonna explode....STOP and proceed with more foreplay, rinse and repeat two or tree more times. Then when you do get your release, you will be painting the ceiling my friend.

try getting it up a few times (jack off but don't finish) and when you go to have sex it wont last as long b/c your already WAY ready to burst

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I think it depends on how fit you are lol, at age 20 I was extremely fit and active and could last longer then they could anyway lol But the trick is to vary, thrusting up and down is fine but you wont last that long, vary it so your doing gentle movements, jusy the top bit or slowly up and down then grind your hips into his. He'll go wild with that lol.

Now give him a chance honestly these things can happen to a bloke a lot And yeah its happened to me It can really kill self-esteem and libidoo. You gotta let him know that its normal and that hdoesn'tnt have to worry about it. Give him a wee bit of time, it wont take long for him to kind of get his head together. If he doesn't, then just talk to him. Sit him down and let him know its fine and there is nothing to be ashamed of. He's gonna be off because he has lost his confidence and doesnt want to leave you unsatisfied (as you put). Let him know that he can satisfy, through words first. And eventually he'll come round. Hope this helps. x

the short answer is have more foreplay before u engage in intercourse. there is lots u can do besides the actual act and it is all natural.

if u want to try a natural way then hell I can't suggest anything different than what was already proposed to you in other answers. If u want to try something unnatural I suggest that you stop by a local convience store( walgreens if there is 1 in your in your area) and buying a tube of Mandelay. Or stopping by a sex toy shop and asking for a cock ring, if you're a cheapo wrap a rubberband around the base of your shaft; constricts bloodflow and sensation since it doesn't really allow skin on your shaft to move; It has worked on me and countless others( which is how I managed to find out when I had this same problem). By the way when the skin on your shaft move it tugs on the skin surrounding the head, creating more sensation.

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