How Do I Last Longer I Bed

He doesn't even last five minutes! Then he gets really upset thinking he's letting me down, so I was wondering any tricks on making him last longer? We don't do it very often maybe twice in one week and I'm not keen on doing it 24/7.

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Obviously she loves the sex you are having other wise she wouldn't be having it for 3 years. I like to cum while giving oral. Not during intercourse. Different women have different preferences. You are both satisfied so forget about it.If she wanted you to last longer for intercourse she wouldn't be playing with herself. Maybe what you think is fore play she thinks is sex.

Seems like all he wants to do is satisfy himself. He needs to get you involved, play toys, oral or whatever it takes to get you to enjoy the sex also. He may not realize it but in the long run it will pay off to let you enjoy it as much as he does. He just needs to take it slow and let you enjoy it also. It's almost as good getting the woman to climax as it is for the man to just climax.

u can but a de-sensitizer gel that makes him not as sensitive to the sensations that "gets him there" so quick. buy some and tell him u've heard it adds a really cool, new sensation to things. If he hasn't been getting the job done, then finds the way 2 get it done, if he cares about u, then when he see's how it affects u then, he will want to use it every time.

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lol, thats the way a marriage goes. guys get faster, and ussually, women want it less. although, thats later on, and he shouldnt be like that after 1 year...... maybe stress and stuff. also, try different positions in sex, some might make him last longer and are funner.

no! i mean be nice job turning him on so well.. but maybe you should save the good stuff for when you're toward the end. but it's not really your fault, it's his for not being able to last long - my boyfriend can last for like and hour or 45 min after he cums. GOODLUCK.

He's selfish. That's not going to change, and it is my guess that it isn't limited to just the bedroom. Make a change, or this will be your life, and then you'll have no one to blame but yourself.

Yes, it's normal. No, he will not be like that forever. One or more of these ideas might help. Try getting him to use desensitizing cream, maybe even with a condom. Tell him to concentrate hard on boring, nonsexual things. You can get him to have a light come by stopping all stimulation right at the instant when he starts to come. Then he should recover fairly quickly and last longer before he is ready to come again. Get him to give you a lot of pleasure with his fingers, tongue, and vibrators instead of his penis. The more you two practice with each other, the better he should become at satisfying you in bed. Be sure to give him plenty of gentle feedback that will help him learn what to do for you without bruising his feelings.

they have penis rings... that you put around the base of the penis that helps make the erection last longer. try them and good luck :]

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