How Can I Last Longer In Bedgti Do Keagle Exercises Frequently And Have Even Tried To Masterbate Before

I'm a healthy adult male in my late 20's, and for pretty much my whole life, my bladder has filled up during the night almost every night causing me to need to wake up to urinate. Most nights I wake up quickly as soon as my bladder starts feeling full and there are no problems -- but occasionally (especially if I'm really tired or stressed) it takes a bit longer and by the time I wake up I need to urinate really urgently and have to run to the bathroom. Well, last night I was REALLY tired (I've been traveling and very busy with work all weekend) and by the time my body finally woke up it was too late -- I had already wet the bed! When I was a kid (until about age 12) I used to wet the bed every night -- since then I've almost always been able to wake up in time to urinate, but have continued to have this problem occasionally, esp. when really tired or stressed. Basically my question is, how common is it for an adult man's bladder to need to urinate every night? Is it likely that my bladder has always just been too small to hold a full night's worth of urine, or is it just that I have a high metabolism or something (which I do) that causes me to have to urinate more than normal during the night? The docs have always suggested it's the former, but can an adult man's bladder really be that small? I've been checked for all sorts of things and I'm not diabetic, don't have any infections or prostate problems or anything of that sort. This is pretty much just a problem I've always had and never totally "grown out of" like I was told I would -- except that I used to wet every night, and now 99% of the time I'm at least able to wake up before that happens. Now that I'm in my late 20s, is there any chance of making that 100%, or am I pretty much stuck with this?

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when your doing it dont make it so fast , make him pull out for a while and do some sexy stuff and then have him go back in for round 2, 3, 4, and on and on!!! tust me it works!

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Keep your mind focused on satisfying her. Let the only thought in your head be maximizing her pleasure, and it will not matter how long you last, because you will have lasted long enough for her.

This is a problem that takes concerted effort on his part, but that you can help make a lot of fun for him too. One reason a lot of guys can't last too long is because they become used to masturbating which usually involves them a.) trying to finish quickly before someone catches them, b.) not having to worry about anyone else's pleasure, focusing all on their own, and c.) using their hand which provides much more pressure (and thus pleasure) than any vagina does. So, one thing you can do is make masturbation a regular part of sex play. Have him stroke himself but do so slowly and with a loose grip. You can also stroke him doing the same, and whenever he feels like he's getting close, slow down. This will help train him to better control the buildup to orgasm, and also help train him to use a better pace. You can also turn these activities into a game, for instance setting a goal for how long he can last without reaching orgasm while you stroke him at a constant rate, and then deciding on what reward he'll get for reaching that goal. He'll then learn to control his level of excitement while still having fun. When having sex, changing positions and activities often can keep him interested (and thus erect) while staving off ejaculation by giving his penis just enough space between activities. For instance, start off by giving him oral (remember, not too much pressure) but when he gets close, stop and have him give oral to you. When having intercourse, give him sexy reminders by whispering in his ear and telling him you like it when he makes it last and takes it slow. If he starts to get close, switch positions - you on top, for instance, gives you control and stops him from racing towards the finish line. This can help him level off without going all the way down to being flaccid, but keeps you in the zone.

I think you're going to have to say it to him!!!! Then maybe try new positions - or instigate foreplay - dont allow sex to just happen without it - when you're getting down to it - just tell him that you'd really love if ye could mess about orally for a bit first - just kinda guide him into sex the way you want it! xx

Hey think of it this way at least u get to orgasm as much as you want while he's still struggling away! I had a boyfriend much the same. After a while i just got so sick of waiting for him and wanted it to finsh quicker so what i used to do was turn him on sooo much before hand so he was already really aroused before we did the deed. Try surpising him with some new tricks or bringing home some porn! He'd love it. I highly doubt there is anything medically wrong with him, he may just be a bit desensitized for wanking a lot! Or just 'one of those guys thats takes forever'. Anyway hope that's of some help!

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