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I need some training tips.... how can i train myself to last long in bed? Is it possible to train for that?? Your help would be great!!

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The problem is that you see masturbation as a quick method of satisfying your sexual needs, but you can help yourself last longer. You can teach yourself to control your ejaculations by using the stop - go method. Masturbate as usual, but just before you ejaculate, stop for a minute or so, then start again. Keep stopping, and resting, as many times as you can. You will find that with practise, you will be able to control yourself better, and this will help when you get to have sex. The other benefit is that when you use this method, you'll find that when you do go on to ejaculate, your orgasm will be much more intense, because of the longer build up.

Capricorn's element is earth and they lead with their mind first, emotions second. Your element is water and you lead with your emotions first; thoughts second. That does not make one element better than another - just the way each of you approaches life's situations. Capricorn is the business sign of the Zodiac and when you wrote, he said "I never made any decisions, couldn't even pick something for dinner and that he wanted a girl who knew what she wanted", you described him to a T. They are attracted by confidence, intelligence, the executive, and the take-charge woman. (But like most gentlemen, not all the time and that can pose challenges). They are also known for telling it like it is which does well for them in business, but not necessarily in relationships. They are very loyal and do bring a great amount of stability into a relationship. Cancer, on the other hand, are wonderful nurturers (which I'm sure he appreciates about you), are very intuitive and usually make wonderful parents. You probably also have a great knack for creating a loving home atmosphere. And you're correct, Capricorn loves the support they are given. Cancer has the ability to do this. Can't figure him out? Most of it has nothing to do with Astrology and just human relationships. If he doesn't know what he wants, I would suggest you don't fly to Europe with him UNLESS you have Plan B in your back pocket. If the relationship comes to an end in Europe, how will you get home? Can you support yourself? If you are truly the woman who has caught his eye, the relationship will improve and a 3 month break will not destroy it. Our grandmothers knew what they were saying when they said, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder." If three months ends the relationship, he was not for you and you deserve the best!

Penis ring! saw one in the naughty store yesterday when I was buying a sexy outfit for me to wear for anniversary last night. I personally didn't know what it was so i ask the chick behind the counter and she said it made them last longer! They even had one that viberated to hit your clit. They had some pretty wierd crap in there. LOL

hmm. depends how nervous and excited you are !! i think a few minutes ! hope it all goes well to top of your wedding night gooooooood luck

Why are you even thinking about leaving your loveless marriage so that you can marrying someone else you don't love? That's ridiculous. If you're both unhappy, maybe the marriage is doomed. Maybe you will have to get a divorce, but for pity's sake don't go rushing back to some old random boyfriend! There are far worse things than being alone - like being in a bad marriage.

Train yourself not to orgasm whilst masturbating, clench those muscles you use when you pee and stop yourself, keep doing it, relax for a few seconds and then start again, you will last for ages!! Trust me, I am not a man but this is what my b/f does and it really works!!

first quistion would be try 2 take ur mind off it lol i sounds stupit but it works second qustion would be sit on his nob (penatreaded) n hump lol XD u can do it faceing him or back turned lol gd luck

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