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I am afraid to say that I am a minute man and was wondering if there is any tip that I could do to make me last longer in bed?

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He should do the start and stop method:as soon as he feels that he is coming:he must stop immediately and divert his mind from coming. Cool of a bit then carry on again:you can do this a lot of times. He should practice this whilst masturbating Success:Colors

Talk to him. Tell him to slow down. Maybe he doesn't know how to please a woman. Show him. Get it worked out. Good luck.

Phone, questions, etc. he shouldn't get mad if its not true. Tell her to not think about it to much because then she'll think that any little thing is a clue when it's not. If there is somethinggoing on it will not stay uncovered for long.

Tell him to jake off 10 minutes before u guys have sex it works i promise... well it worked when my boyfriend at the time had that problem then he did that and the time jus got longer and longer...

Technically if you grab the top skin above his testicles and hold them in a ring type fashion, this will slow his ejaculation down. Otherwise you can just go so far and stop and then start again so as to prolong his coming so quickly.

no, you just need to keep having sex lol, your penis needs to get used to the feeling in the vagina so dont worry when you get older and have more experience you'll last longer

well.........my guy is great in bed.....if ya kno what i mean.....and we last bout 30 min........so just talk it out to him......let him know how you feel.......that's what i did :D

When it comes down to it, in order to control yourself, you need to be able to control your mind. Your mind is what controls your body, and therefore if you are able to control what you are thinking about and how excited you are getting during the act, then you are going to be much more likely to last longer and have a more pleasurable experience for both you and your partner.

Unfortunately, you cannot make him take responsibility for his kids. He doesn't care enough to be a father or he would be in their lives everyday. He would help you financially and in other ways with them. The best thing that you can do is cut ties with him. Tell him that he can see his kids, but on their schedule, not 11 PM! As for your relationship with him, I would end it. He doesn't care about you, he cares more about himself. You deserve better and so does your children. There are men in this world who would love to be those littles kids daddy. Don't waste time waiting for your exboyfriend to change. He won't.

read up on tantric sex- it teaches you how to last longer and yes, working out (heavy weights!) will increase your testosterone level and therefore, you will be more male in bed

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Heyyy Great Difference Between Man And Womenif U Like It Than Plz Give Me Starz Or Mark It As Intreasting

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