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so ive had 13 partners, im 18, sex isnt new to me, with some girls i was able to have sex for virtually however long i wanted to, sometimes hours, i could control the orgasm, i have a new gf, and she is tight as hell! i can barely last a minute or 2, the last time we had sex, i masterbaited twice earlier that day, and i still came in like a min and a half, i really have no clue why aside from the fact that shes super tight, so i need to last longer, its a personal thing, she told me every guy has said she was really tight and the longest shes had sex is 3 minutes so she doesnt care, but i still think its kind of ridiculos that i cant go very long with her so i need some good tips on how not to cum! any help?

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Wear a condom (less sensation), take extense, practice tantric sex...that is, when you are jacking off, try to get as close to orgasm as possible than stop and repeat: this will increase sexual endurance.

Give him oral first let him get off.By the time that he's erected again.actual intercourse should be should be longer cause the initial excitement that he had has decreased.(not in you lol)Try that or maybe your too irresistable for him GET DAT CASH THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS A RECESSION.

the stop and go you master bate till your almost about to come then you stop then go again and keep repeating till you cant hold it and come i am 13teen and its how i roll i also run the shower head on the bottom of my penis right below the head and keep it there till you come it will take while but it will feel good lol have fun

Kegel Exercises. Tell him to flex the muscles he would use to stop peeing midstream and hold them for 15 seconds then repeat. The more he does this the more control he will have over his ejaculations.

There is nothing wrong with a man being able to last. Of course when it gets to the point of delayed ejaculation or another condition it's not good. However being able to last a good 30-45 minutes isn't horrible. Plus no one on the planet wants to have sex for 4 hours straight. Talk about rubbing everything raw. -Connor

drinking usually helps me last longer. if he is not a drinker let him let one loose before you start having sex. the 1st one goes fast but the second should be enjoyable for both of you.

Tell him to masturbate before he comes over or you have your date. he will be less riled up the second time and he will last longer. also, if he still comes really fast then you have around 20 minutes where he can play and pleasure you until he gets another errection and you can go again.

NO. The best way is to get to climax and almost before your about to SPLAT. Stop everything and control yourself. Wait 1 minute and do it again. You will get used to it and will be able to control your ejeculations if you do it a lot.

Yes, most guys have to think about something that will turn them off to keep from cumming too quickly. You are lucky to have a guy who tells you this. The best thing for you is that he is considerate enough of your feelings to put himself through this.

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