Help My Son Caught Me In Bed With My Boyfriend

Does anybody know any tips on how I can last longer in bed without ejaculating so fast?? I just lost my virgintiy and I need some help. ANything will help. Is there any pills, any foods, any exercises??

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just explain how sick you feel.. he should understand. maybe try your hand.. or a toy.. or your mouth? but if you feel too sick for that too.. then just tell him. Sometimes I get frustrated when my fiance doesn't put out as much as I want him to, and he isn't even pregnant (of course! lol), but I wouldn't leave him because of it, I love him wayyyyyyyyyyy to much. Maybe this guy doesn't love you as much as he should. You deserve better then someone forcing you to do things, especially sexually, that you don't want to do. Its wrong.

Premature ejaculation has many different reasons. I will describe how you can last longer in bed: You need to learn to relax your body. If you can relax your body while having sex, you'll immediately last way longer than before. There are also breathing exercises you can perform, so you will be more relaxed while performing and have a greater sense of control. You need to gain awareness of your arousal level and learn to consciously move up and down the arousal scale. Mastering specific exercises, you'll gain total control over how close to the point of no return (the arousal level where you can't stop your self from ejaculating no matter what you do) you let your self go and therefore how long you last. You should also train your PC muscles. The PC muscles are your internal pelvic muscles. The PC muscles are between your butt bone and your pelvic bone. When ejaculating these muscles function. If you don't train these muscles regularly, you will have trouble lasting longer. There are exercises you can learn and build your own training routine. For conclusion, I can really understand what you are going through. I had 2 girlfriends who left me, because of this problem. I got really depressed and I started to look for information for solving my problem. I can tell you that today I last long enough. The main thing you can do right now is read more useful information that will help you solve your problem- you can read more on (Wikipedia) so you can have more knowledge about your problem. You should also read more in , so you can solve your problem.

my god!!! nasel delivery "last longer" product?? Dont buy into stupid stuff like that! You need to learn to control your orgasm and your emotions during sex. When you feel like you are going to orgasm, start thinking of something that almost turns you off. Sometimes when im about to ejaculate, i think of this video i seen on youtube of a fat, almost naked, women eating a whole turkey by herself. That really takes away my overexcitement and gets me to last longer. Breathing techniques also help. Try holding your breath when you feel like you are going to come. AFter the sensations subside, take deep breaths and exhale very slowly. IT really works, but takes time to master. I can now last as long as i want in bed with no worries whatsoever.

Usually sleeping in hair destroys the curls, even with a lot of hairspray to hold it into place. Why not just wake up earlier to curl your hair in the morning?

Sounds like he's just not the affectionate type. If you wanna keep things goin then try to romance him a little, it's kinda hard even for a dud not to respond when he gets home and there's candle light, rose pedels and a nice massage or a hot bubble bath. I know this sounds girlly, but whenever i want a little more affection from my man tha's exactly wat I do and it works every time. I don't always get laid that night but it does turn in into a real sweetheart for a long time. Oh and take naps while he's at work if you have trouble staying up. That way when he gets back you have some extra energy and you can be more on top of your game. Usually guys have to do this type of shit for us, but that doesn't mean we can't or shouldn't put out the effrot.

Some women Complain that some men Orgasm too Fast. Other Women Complain that some men take a Long time to Orgasm. WHAT THE F(_)CK DO THEY WANT THEN!!!!!!???????

Send his *** to the gym at least 4-5 days a week. Sometimes sexual stanima is directly related to health and lifestyle. Sex more often sometimes helps too.

I have heard they make a Fleshlight (male masturbator sleeve) in a model that helps increase stamina in sexual activity. You should check those things out, every teenagers dream. If that doesn't work think of your grandpa

My man can last forever and he recovers just as fast as i do, he is perfect and i love it. But if i had to choose one, i guess it would be that the man lasted longer.

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