Is There Anything That Will Help A Guy Last Longer In Bed Preferably Without Pills

AriesPisces Cusp ( March 21 1983) Chinese Water Pig Gemini Moon Pisces Mercury Taurus Venus Aries Mars I say "wimp" because of the pisces influence which is very apparent he is the easiest person to offend and hurt. He is also VERY immature for his age and cannot last long in bed. However he is GORGEOUS just beneath God himself. What is he like in your opinion? Thanks

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Practice. Spank your monkey until you think he is going to puke (sorry for silly innuendo!) and then STOP. Think of nasty old men and dead kittens and stuff. When you're not on the brink anymore, start. Repeat. There are also gels you can get to reduce the feeling in your ding dong so you last longer. Also, if she's not satisfied, try eating a fish taco! She'll love it. P.S. if you don't get some of the innuendo go on

There could be a lot of causes for this problem. If you have sex infrequently, it will be a problem, thats why when you were married it wasn't much of a problem. Instead of masturbating too much, the best is to have sex, and you won't have the problem as much. The best sex will almost always come with a longstanding partner. Anyway, that's my 2 cents.

Premature ejaculation has many different reasons. I will describe how you can last longer in bed: You need to learn to relax your body. If you can relax your body while having sex, you'll immediately last way longer than before. There are also breathing exercises you can perform, so you will be more relaxed while performing and have a greater sense of control. You need to gain awareness of your arousal level and learn to consciously move up and down the arousal scale. Mastering specific exercises, you'll gain total control over how close to the point of no return (the arousal level where you can't stop your self from ejaculating no matter what you do) you let your self go and therefore how long you last. You should also train your PC muscles. The PC muscles are your internal pelvic muscles. The PC muscles are between your butt bone and your pelvic bone. When ejaculating these muscles function. If you don't train these muscles regularly, you will have trouble lasting longer. There are exercises you can learn and build your own training routine. For conclusion, I can really understand what you are going through. I had 2 girlfriends who left me, because of this problem. I got really depressed and I started to look for information for solving my problem. I can tell you that today I last long enough. The main thing you can do right now is read more useful information that will help you solve your problem- you can read more on (Wikipedia) so you can have more knowledge about your problem. You should also read more in , so you can solve your problem.

Eat Humble pie, send roses, send more roses, no no no you have totally F**** any chance you had, you did all the hard work , got her to bed then dipstick, you loser, you moron find another girlfriend and put this one down to experience! in future "Engage brain before opening mouth"

They do improve control and stamina. You have to work on them. You should do them daily, and work on variations as you progress. Check out the links below and start your routine. Good Luck!

1) Masturbate first 2) Perform oral on her until she gets off (that way you make sure she get's satified) 3) Change Positions often 4) Stop periodically to perform oral on her (keeps her wet and you from burn out) 5) Change pace of strokes Go for long, smooth, deep penetration instead of the normal "trying to get my hump on"... Making love is a marathon not a track meet.

Change your technique. In/out for a long time is actually painful and irritating for the girl, despite what you see in porn. Grinding will work a lot better. Less intense happy feelings for you, but more actually for the girl.

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