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Okay, so I've always been like a touch 'n go kind of girl. Never had a problem climaxing. I've had nights where I could have sex for hours...on very rare occasions. I've been married for a few years and have two children. It seems like I've been more sensitive lately and I literally cannot last more than 10 minutes...sometimes less! My husband doesn't seem to mind but it's kind of embarrassing when he's still going and going and I'm already finished. I'm not sure how to fix this. Are there other women out there who feel the same way? I'd like to know that I'm not the only one. Is there anything I can try that's different? Thanks. *Edit* There have been times where I've orgasmed 4 times before my husband was finished. It's nice sometimes...but can also be extremely tiring at ...especially having to get up with the children everyday...

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Wow, I think this guy has issues and is indeed a ding dong. The bottom line here is that your not getting satisfied so that issue needs to addressed and he sounds like a selfish man. Maybe he needs to cut back on wanting so much sex. I'm surprised you put up with that. How old is this guy? Sounds like he might not be sure of his sexuality.

You be on top and control how fast you go. Try doing more foreplay and having sex slower and in more postions. Like try it doggystyle for a little then say that you want to do it on your sides. Hopefully doing that will make it last longer.

just ask her what u supposedly done then apoligise and say can we forget it now thats all u can do apart from asking her how can u make it up 2 her

Whether or not she comes around, you need to do something else. Move on for right now and if its meant to be it will meet at the end. You are a great guy and she is treating you like you are disposable, i.e. she used you when she was lonely and she was comfortable. You were her comfort who she could be safe around. She knows you are are great guy, and an amazing friend so i think it was kinda scary to have a nice guy for a change, it was different for her probably. But the cycle she is in might take a year or two or three or a couple before it is broken. You should go out with your friends, work do whatever it is that you do, meet new girls meet people and just live. Don't wait for her to come around it could take forever!! Honestly, she probably feels like she can come in and out of your life cause you will always be there for her, so the minute she sees you are unavailable to her, she will probably call or txt like crazy. Idk if she loves you or not, only you and her know that. But if she does she will realize it, if she does. Just live life and have fun and when she does realize it, she can be all yours. But do becareful like i said she might hurt you and be with you one second and the next leave for another "douche bag" again. So you might need to be an asshole, and take time away from her. if she does. Anyways i hope it works out and i hope i made sense, and if she does come back be cautious so you don't get hurt again, and i hope it works out cause you seem like a nice guy.

I think Huggs is on the right track. As a physician I can tell you for certain that (as you most likely know) herpes is a highly contagious STD. Although if you are taking an antiviral medication such as Zovirax, Famvir, or Valtrex your chances of having an outbreak are significantly reduced. It is however still possible (although remote) that when not currently having an outbreak you can spread the virus. Here's a good "backpedal" for you... one person in four statistically have the herpes virus. Most people that have it will never know since they have iether only had one outbreak or none at all. In my opinion, you should get to know your sexual partners before engaging in sexual activities with them. If this gentleman is worth it to you, and you are worth it to him... then postpone your tryst to a later date and just get to know eachother. Educate him about your condition, and if you still wish to have sex do so with caution. In a monogamous sexual relationship while taking medication it is actually signifigantly less common to spread the virus. I wish you the best.

im gonna tell you what exactly to do ok? first blow or hand job him and make him come,then have him perform some oral sex on you or maybe a finger bang,then keep making out then when he gets hard again have sex(penetration) again he should last more , thats pretty normal to happen dont worry, or just get some other guy that knows how to handle your goods!

lol......if a have dick whick in big enough to fuck her then nothing to get worried about..... & yeah foreplay is impoetant! just dont let her get bored while making love

I think if your wife is ok with it I would go and honor her last wish. She is someone who meant a lot to you in the past. She has come to terms with what she did to you, and want to apologize and try to come to some peace knowing she made peace with you in the end. Obviously you still feel something for her or you would not be struggling with this so hard. But it also shows you love your wife enough to ask her how she feels about it. But like I said you should do it. If my husbands ex was on her death bed I would let him go and say goodbye. Even though she cheated on you and now that is why she is dying, but she stills cares about you and wants to apologize. She also wants to make sure you are happy, and taken care of when she is gone, so go make her happy even if for a few minutes. Go and say goodbye, and realize that is all she is asking. Good luck.

The best solution is not to worry about it . as with the more practise you have the better it becomes . and if you do cum too quickley then do some other things to him untill your ready for some more . often we worry about performance because we want it to be exactley like the porn movies thing is if we go with the flow we enjoy it better .

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