How Can I Naturally Last Longer In Bed

there had in alot of tlk bout how long a man should last in long would u girls like a man to last? plz dont delete i rly wana now

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Tell him to go to a men's clinic or a sex therapist because he doesn't please you in the bedroom since he's a minute man. If you're considering breaking up with him, it probably means that you don't love him enough to settle for mediocre sex for the rest of your life just to be with him. Nothing wrong with that so don't feel guilty. If great sex is important to you, tell him that he needs to at least try to make it better because it's REALLY important to you. If he doesn't then break up with him. You're not married yet. Break it off before you waste anymore of your time. You will always be tempted to cheat on him if he sucks in bed. It's better to break it off than to commit adultery in marriage which will cost you a lot at divorce time. **** HOWEVER think about what you might be giving up. You may find a guy who can last all night and who is incredible in bed but he may be bad with money and cheat on you and beat you and not be good husband material at all. It's a gamble. You may never find another guy with all the good qualities that this one has.

masturbation 2- 3 times a week might help him last longer. I know it does it for me. or you can have him drink a couple of shots, for a lot of guys the alcohol will prevent him from cumin' fast.

Perhaps, perhaps not. Try edging when you masturbate. That is, when you feel yourself getting close to squirting just let go and don't touch yourself until you calm down. Keep this up for as long as you can. Also in terms of sex, if you wanted to last longer you could masturbate first and have sex the second time round. That way you'd take longer before you squirted during sex.

I bet you she already knows but doesn't want you to know that she knows for fear of being hurt in front of you. (we mom's tend to accept the crap the men in our lives will do if it helps protect our kids). Even though others say to leave the stuff out and let her find them, it will be just as hard. Your best bet is to just let it be and when your mom is ready to face the truth about the cheater, be there for her and help her through the rough times ahead. best of luck to you.

ok if you just said "me and this girl are going to well you know.." if you cant even say the word SEX then you shouldnt be having it.. thats called IMMATURITY!

American women view 7 to 13 minutes of penetration "ideal" for sex. With two women, you really need to get twice as much out of the situation. So, basically you need to be able to penetrate for 15-25 minutes. The obvious first step in extending the total session length is foreplay. Foreplay should really be the focus of any sexual encounter, especially in a threesome. There are some women that are really into penetration, but I don't think I've ever heard a woman complain "when my boyfriend and I have sex there is just too much foreplay!". Foreplay primes the pumps and makes achieving orgasm much easier. Condoms can be useful for slowing down a man's excitement, and are a good idea for group sex situations anyways. Some guys can go multiple times a night, but others are definitely "one and done". If you can go multiple times without too much refractory period there is no shame in going once, taking a break and focusing on foreplay, and going again. Some of my best nights were marathon sessions with several such breaks. In closing, assuming because the women in question are sisters there was little bisexual activity between them; this really cramps a lot of options for making sure everyone is satisfied. Most successful threesomes involve some girl-girl action while the guy takes a breather. Without that option threesomes become much trickier, and it's much more difficult for both women to feel fully satisfied.

Yea, he's addicted, and probably ready for something new (sorry to say). Many men can never be satisifed with just one, even if its the one, time prevails.

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