How To Last Longer In Bed

Im ready to finish after 5 minutes, sometimes If we stop and start again I can go for 10.

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Did she submit to you? Like did she LET you? Or did she struggle? Depending on these questions you could be screwed or not... If she didnt struggle, then you can get away with it because she may never tell you. Cry and make yourself seem very vulnerable and tell her that you're sorry. Show that you know you really fucked up bad man. Best of luck considering you really are sorry and you know your mistake... But... I mean I could understand a boner but boners dont control me, I'm liek "Get down, bitch." and ignore it.

There are desensitizing creams that you can apply to his member that will reduce the sensation and thus hopefully help him to last longer. I would use this in conjunction with a condom. That way your not only practicing safe sex but also keeping the cream off of you so that you are not desensitized. You can pick these up an an adult bookstore that also sells sex toys, so basically all of them. Another trick that he can try is that when he feels like he is about to cum he should stop and reach under his testicles and press hard on the area between his testicles and his anus, the taint. This pressurre should relieve the feeling that he is about to ejaculate and then he can continue once that feeling has subsided. If that doesnt work he may have a medical condition and I would tell him to see his doctor.

Most women want- or claim to want- a man who can go "all night long" .. Or at least an hour or two (incl foreplay). At least, that's what men think women want. Men are very very sensitive about their lil man down there, and how he performs. If 10 minutes is actually a good time range for sex for you , then just tell him you did not mean the amount of time spent to be insulting - that to you, that's the best time frame , works for you both - but him just rolling over and falling asleep afterwards IS kind of insulting to you . (I mean, afterall- if it's just going to last 10 minutes, can't he spend a little time putting his arm around you or talking before rolling over?) . But, after telling him what you meant and how it makes you feel, don't approach the subject anymore, or it will just make matters worse.

Haha title made it seem like a "different question". But maybe your body is used to sleeping short hours. There are times during Highschool where for months I will only sleep 5 hours a day and become adjusted to that.

First thing the statement that your boyfriend made about a man can only stay in the bed for five min in a true lier. My man and I go at it for hours and more that once a day and we have been together for three and a half years. To be honest if he cant keep it up no longer than five min then its either one of two answers. One he may not be sexually attracted to you which is a bad thing or he's getting it from somewhere else. Sorry to say but you need to call him out on it and dump him girl. TRUST ME. I've been that situation twice.

It all depends on the degree of excitement your partner elicits from you. When really charged and been away from it all for sometime it could be as short as one minute. After repeated performances one can go for as long as he has physical stamina. 2-3-4 hours. There is NO average.

Are you sure women arouse you? The time it takes is based on arousal. for you to last for hours seems that maybe your barking up the wrong tree.

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